Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Strategy

This year, because school re-starts at the end of August, Raphaela has approximately two and a half weeks of vacation, much shorter than in previous years.  Being the super organized type A listmaker that I am, I had spoken to our favorite baby sitter months ago, asking if she was available, and assuming that we would need her for this period of time.

This week, one of the other mothers found a two week camp for children in Raphaela's general age group, a program relatively close to the house and which seems to have a solid and entertaining program.  Better yet, at least several of the children from her Gan will be attending, so Raphaela should adapt quickly to her surroundings, with familiar faces and play mates.  My first instinct was to sign her up for those two weeks, and then I remembered the first rule of parenting:


I called the sitter and explained the situation, that I wanted to do what was best for Raphaela, and what was fair and reasonable for her, given that I had promised her almost three weeks of work.  She agreed that camp would be good and healthy and fun for Raphaela, and we came to a compromise solution:  Raphaela will attend camp for one week, and have one-on-one time with the sitter for the week before she returns to school. 

Perhaps I am incorrect in my assessment, but I don't think it is a bad thing if Raphaela has a week at home with the sitter, a week during which we can hone her toilet training and I can prepare her emotionally for the new Gan next year.  I can also arrange my Chiropractic clinic work schedule so that we have full afternoons to do something together, or travel to visit friends and cousins, before the craziness of the Fall begins.


Midlife Singlemum said...

I davka think it's important not to rush from one organised programme to the next. A week of not having to rush in the mornings, and generally creating a break before the new gan starts can only be a good thing. We have three weeks to fill.

Doc said...

MSM, so interesting that you say that, because I had a discussion with an Israeli friend the other day about exactly that point: she claimed that my approach, that Raphaela could use some down time, was very American, a hold over of my growing up in the States. I also davka think that it's not just adults who need some version of "vacation."

tesyaa said...

You did the right thing regarding the babysitter! I am sure that your attitude about the commitment you made will pay dividends down the road (as well as give you a good feeling that you have behaved honorably).