Sunday, June 10, 2012

Medical Update II

Six doctor visits later, including the ENT who originally diagnosed the need for Raphaela's surgery  at Hadassah Hospital last year; and the general consensus regarding her cough is...."I have a theory...."  Meanwhile, time marches on and I see small improvements every day for the last three weeks.

IE They don't know what exactly is causing it or how to get rid of it, and have thus far suggested medicine that has made it worse, or folk remedies which keep the situation at status quo.  I will therefore continue to adjust her Chiropractically, make sure she has plenty to drink to dilute the mucous, elevate her head at night when she sleeps, and keep on the humidifier.  My crazy neighbor lady said that Green Tea cures everything, and another person recommended a Chinese herbal remedy.

Not that it would resolve the health issues, but it might be nice if at some point, someone said in the most honest way possible, "I don't know.  Conventional medicine does not have all the answers."


Amy Charles said... may not like this, but is it possible she's allergic to cats? It's an extremely common allergy, all over the place among Ashkenazim, and you don't know what her dad's family history of allergies really is.

Ariela said...

It might be a tick. I had a kid with a cough that was a tick.