Sunday, June 24, 2012

On Shabbat, I asked Raphaela if she needed to use the toilet, and she replied, "I will wait until I get to Gan."  Explaining that she cannot possibly hold it in for the next 24 hours, that Gan was closed, she shrugged her shoulders Israeli-kid style, and continued playing.


Yesterday afternoon, after picking up Raphaela from Gan, it was clear from her behaviour and her responses that she was desperately overtired.  For several hours, nothing I offered was acceptable, and only led to more tears and a confusing array of communication between us.

As a mother, at the very least it felt frustrating, being unable to reach her and knowing that a calming bath and an early night's sleep would resolve most of the issues, options she adamantly refused.  I also knew that I would have a difficult time within myself, feeling somehow inadequate as a parent.

Ultimately, Raphaela fell asleep on my lap, in the middle of  a dramatic reading of The Lion Who Loved Strawberries.  I finished the story over her sighs and snores.

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