Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Yesterday afternoon, after picking up Raphaela from Gan, I could not help but notice the large red bite mark on her arm.  I ashed her how this happened, and we had the following conversation, in Hebrew:

Raphaela:  "A" bit me.
Mommy:   What did you say to her when she bit you?
Raphaela:  (loudly and dramatically) "No no no!  We don't hit in Gan."

Fast forward to the evening, at our weekly swim lessons.  Raphaela has found particular delight in hitting me with one of the swim toys.

Mommy:  Stop hurting your Mommy!
Raphaela:  (looking at me like I am an idiot)  Mommy, we don't hit in GAN...

For the record, I quickly disabused her of her assertion and pointed out that we don't hit PERIOD, not at Gan and not in the house  and not at the park, and not in the pool.

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