Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Tonight, one of Raphaela's favorite nursery teachers from Gan is getting married, and she has invited all the children under her care to attend the reception and the Chupah.  When I told Raphaela that we would be dancing at Oshrit's wedding, she looked puzzled, until I explained that after the "special party,"  Oshrit would be the Mommy and her husband would be the Daddy.


Raphaela very much wanted to take her umbrella to Gan today, and I explained that we normally need an umbrella only when it is raining.  My two and a half year old then suggested that I check my iphone for today's weather forecast, and only then agreed to leave the umbrella at home.


Happy mothers day to all women who have the joy and the responsibility of parenting, weather you are a single mother by choice or by circumstance, or a woman in a relationship who still performs at least 80% of the nurturing and care giving in the home.  In this modern life, we women work and parent and keep the house in working order, we excel at multi-tasking in a way that most human beings would find hard to believe, and so I salute you all.

As a single mother with no family in Israel, I don't expect to get flowers, or a cheesy Hallmark card, nor will anyone go out of their way to complement me as Raphaela's mother.  I doubt that Raphaela expects any less of me today in comparison to any other day of the year. 

What I desperately need is a real vacation, and consistent baby sitting.

Here's what I would like as a Mothers Day gift:  would all you men stop staring at me (in admiration, I am assuming) while I struggle with holding bags, Raphaela's toy, the garbage and attempting to push the stroller, and instead return to the age of chivalry?  Ask me if I need help, or better yet hold the door open for me so I need one less arm, as I am currently in the process of growing extra limbs, thanks!


Midlife Singlemum said...

Happy Mothers' Day to a wonderful Mom! xxx

Doc said...

Back at you, my friend, and my inspiration!

Midlife Singlemum said...

:~)Thank you.