Monday, May 28, 2012

Medical Update I

We just returned from the rude yet very talented Israeli  Opthamologist, who examined Raphaela and came up with a diagnosis which perfectly explains her late walking, and her insecurity in rocky and uneven areas:  my daughter is apparently far-sighted (+3.00) at the moment, and can see something two meters away easier than something right in front of her face.  Hence, she takes stairs carefully, because she cannot necessarily see the edges clearly.

The doctor did not recommend glasses, but rather that all the people in her life get her used to seeing things further away, rather than straining her eyes up close.  He predicted that Raphaela's brain and that nature would self-correct, and that we re-examine the situation in six months.

On the avian front, the baby birds Masha and Bella (named so by Raphaela) have grown quite nicely, they have almost reached full pigeon size, and soon I predict will be flying off with their mother.  Honestly, they barely fit in their nest, and I say all power to them.  How wonderful to have a National Geographic special on your window sill!

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Ariela said...

many children (if not most) that age are far sighted. A kid that age has 20 diopter of accommodation, so +3.00 diopter is nothing. The problem is when there is a difference btw the eyes.