Friday, December 30, 2011

Sleep Walking

Raphaela's sleep schedule was somewhat disrupted this past week, because of Chanukah, but last night added a new twist:  around nine pm, she had about a half hour of what I would describe as sleep walking.  She was running around the house, speaking faster and more clearly than she does during the day, and was non-responsive when I asked her direct questions.  Clearly she was interacting within the lucid dream state, or with some spirit that I could not see, nor did I want to when I myself was trying to get some normal hours of sleep.  (Normally I enjoy the para-normal.)

At a certain point she woke up and stayed in my bed until midnight, so you can imagine that I did not achieve the quality evening for which I had hoped.

I am not aware if sleep walking is hereditary, I am certain that no one on my side of the family has ever manifested this delightful trait.  Hopefully this will be a one-time gig.


tesyaa said...

It's usually not just a one-time thing, but it will probably not persist through her entire childhood. A good sleep book can explain more.

Sarah said...

I used to sleepwalk! Did it a couple of times when I was about 8 years old. Freaked my parents out and then it stopped on its own.