Sunday, December 25, 2011

At two am this morning, Harry requested to go outside into the rain.  Three flights of stairs later, I returned to bed.  At 4:30 in the morning, Raphaela arrived, ready to start the day.  Did they change the clocks and not tell me?

After patiently explaining that she could come into the bed with me and go back to sleep, or play in the other room and leave me alone "until the Sun wakes up," I received ten minutes of despaired crying.  Then she left the room, and returned with one of those heavy board books and threw it at my head; clearly she wanted me to read it to her, and had no conscious intention to give me a concussion.

I have utterly failed at teaching Raphaela that dark means night and daylight means that I am actually ready to function.


Sarah said...

You haven't failed. She's only 2 years old, incapable of putting herself in someone else's shoes. You haven't succeeded YET.

koshergourmetmart said...

this too will pass. My son used to wake up at appx 5am daily. I would go to the living room w/him and try to fall asleep on the couch. He threw board books at me and say "up eema up." Eventually this behavior stopped and it will for RR too.