Sunday, December 4, 2011

So I Don't Forget

This blog is about sharing my experiences with others, but also about recording those moments that slip by too fast at this age.  That being said, I offer these:

1.  I watch Raphaela as she eats Petit Bar; for those who do not know these addictive Israeli snacks, they are rectangular cookies with little decorative petals around the sides.  First she bites off all four corners.  Then she straightens the round edges of the bumps on the side.  Then she slowly eats the middle.
Every time I give her one of these cookies, she says, "Mommy too!" and gets so pleased that we have shared the cookie break.
I can't wait to see how she eats an Oreo! I personally twist open, lick most of the frosting, and then eat the chocolate cookies themselves...

2.  This morning, Raphaela sat her teddy bear at the childrens' table in the salon, and gave him a play bottle.  Then she took the other chair, and the New York Times magazine section, and started "reading" with intense concentration.

We sometimes forget as parents that they observe EVERYTHING we say and do, and furthermore, that children are far more clever than we give them credit.  Our kids are particularly tuned into our moods, happy and otherwise, and know when we are faking it.  I have always enjoyed spending time with young children and cats, because you know that they will give you the G-d's honest truth every time in their behaviour and their reactions.

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