Sunday, January 1, 2012

Given the fact that I have a full size bed, big enough for two adults, it makes perfect sense that this morning I ended up half way on the floor, no pillow, and perpendicular, with a two year old snuggled against my chest and a nine year old cat keeping my legs firmly locked in place.

I had no objection to Raphaela spending part of the night in my bed, she is still dragging around the never-ending cough, and I even gave her an entire half of the bed.  She seems to have this homing device, every time I would mildly modify my postion she would slide in right next to me, and she would subtly push me out of any comfortable postion, until her little body and Harry's purring ball of fur had requisitioned all of the space.

It made me wonder what it must be like to have a man, a full-time sleeping partner, potentially hogging covers, instead of these cute little creatures;  must be nice.

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