Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How I Spent My Chol Hamoed Vacation

By Raphaela Rivka Danzig Leeder

Friday (Day One):  Mommy and Olga could not have ordered better weather from the catalog, and after much worry left over from the rejection of the teen years, all our guests arrived for mine and Mika's private birthday party.  We even managed to snag picnic tables right next to the playground, and we children spent close to three hours eating mostly unhealthy fun food and the parents talking to each other in between chasing after the collective group of two year olds.  It felt so wonderful to see Mommy with her friends, and to celebrate our birth will some of my friends, a full charter member of the Mommies Club.

Sunday (Day Three):  Mommy managed to fill the morning with fun errands, and when we arrived at the park, my friend Avigayil from Gan happened to be there as well, and so we played together for two hours.

Mommy got a great offer from a friend, who at the last minute was able to secure a space in a B and B for the rest of Chol Hamoed, but we could not make all the arrangements, including finding a sitter for Harry.

The mosquitos have enjoyed quite a feast on my arms and legs, and I am trying not to scratch. It kinda takes the fun out of sitting in the Succah.   Mommy was surprised that they went after me and not her, as they usually eat her as well.

Monday (Day Four):  Another morning of fun errands, art projects and outdoor play, and after a decent nap, we played with Olga and Mika for several hours.  Our birth preparation class during the pregnancy lacked content and quality, the best thing that came out of it was our friendship with Mika and her family.

Tuesday (Day Five):  Mommy and I participated this morning in the Trek through Jerusalem, which is to say that I sat in the stroller and Mommy pushed me all along the route throughout the city.  We arrived at the finish line at Gan Sacher, where the organizers had arranged Gymboree and concerts and games for the children and the adults.  During one of the dance performances, around 11:10 am, they interrupted the broadcast on the large screen with a live feed featuring Gilad Shalit, and announced that he was officially on Israeli soil.  All the crowd clapped and cheered, and Mommy started crying out of joy for Gilad's parents;  she simply could not help herself.

When the various groups arrived in parade formation, with their costumes and flags and songs about Jerusalem, Mommy picked me up and we danced and sang along with them.  She loves being part of large group, sharing in celebration and remembering our amazing heritage.  I feel very lucky to have been born in Jerusalem, the first Danzig in three generations.

Tonight, as usual, Mommy and I went to our swim lesson; I get more and more confident in the water every week, and soon I will be swimming on my own.

Wednesday (Day Six and Erev Chag, again):  My best friend had a birthday party this morning, Mommy and I went over early to help them set up.  Many of my other Gan friends were there, and the general concensus among the parents was relief that we return to our regular schedule next Sunday.  After a round of playground and snacks and ice cream, and after getting a 'manicure' with sparkly stars, we went home and both took a badly-needed nap. 

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koshergourmetmart said...

happy birthday RR! RR-tell mommy that she should not project her own feelings/fears about her past (teen years) upon you as you grown up. Enjoy this time-it goes way too fast