Wednesday, October 12, 2011

1935 Days

Hi, this is Raphaela at the computer.

When I was inside my Mommy's stomach, we went to the commemoration of the 1000 days that Gilad Shalit was held in captivity.  It was a very moving ceremony, Mommy felt the highs and lows and inspiration, similar to Yom Kippur.  For the last five years, Mommy has had a Gilad Shalit flag flying from our porch, wherever we lived.

This afternoon, Mommy and I took a walk to the Gilad Shalit tent and Succah across from the Prime Minister's house, because today is a very special day for the Shalit family:  it seems that PM Netanyahu has arranged a deal to finally bring Gilad home to his Mommy and Daddy.  I am glad this happened on my Hebrew birthday.

To quote Ariel Sharon, Israel never leaves a man behind.

Mommy has very mixed emotions and worries that Israel is trading Gilad Shalit for 1000 terrorists.  She  wonders what these bad people will do now that they are out of jail;  Mommy says that rewarding very bad behaviour is not very good parenting.

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