Monday, October 3, 2011

Gan Party Checklist

Raphaela's Gan birthday party will be G-d Willing in two days, on the last day of school before Yom Kippur.  I invoke G-d in particular because Raphaela has the beginning of some version of a cold or allergies, and I would hate to have all this build-up (in my own head, mostly) for this party and then have her get full-fledged sick on that day.

I am a competent cook but a lousy baker, and so my friend Galia, whose talent in creating child birthday cake masterpieces, will be helping me with the birthday cake.

Being a Montissouri Gan, they ask the parents to bring a worthwhile art project for the event, so it is not simply a few songs and some junk food for the class.  I had ordered some great stuff off the internet, but alas, it will not arrive in time for the party.  Instead, I downloaded various coloring pages along the theme of Succot, and created 18 personalized coloring books for each of the children.  The coloring book will also include a page of Succot-related stickers, for use in creating the pictures, or to take home and stick on inappropriate pieces of grown-up furniture.

I have enough balloons, and a somewhat healthy snack bag for each of the kids in Raphaela's class.

This party has kicked my Type-A personality into high gear, and is causing me more stress than I believe it should.  Ironically, for an 'educational system' that encourages free expression and personal growth, the competition among parents regarding birthdays feels most inproportionate.  For G-d's sake, Raphaela is turning two, not going into the army or getting married.  And yet, I feel that I must show the other parents that I can put together a slamming celebration.

All this, and I am trying to plan a more intimate family birthday gathering during Chol Hamoed Succot.  I need the letter "M" on my shirt, for masochist.


koshergourmetmart said...

Whatever you do for her party at school will be just fine. Don't get into the "keeping up with the Jones mentality" affect you. The important part is that RR is happy and healthy.

Amy Charles said...

1) Happy birthday!

2) Yes. Don't get nuts. They're babies, they think cardboard boxes and cookies are super-amazing. And in three years you'll be lucky if you still run into two of the mothers once in a while.

I seldom volunteer for anything anymore. Getting enough sleep is enough of a challenge. The Martha moms can get mad at me if they want.

Ariela said...

I agree - M for masochist on your shirt. Most definitely.

Commenter Abbi said...

Color me confused- other parents don't come to gan parties normally- does it work differently in this gan? Otherwise, I'm trying to figure out how the other parents even know what kind of party you put together to even begin competition.

Amy- Sorry, no Martha moms here. It's unheard of to volunteer in any aspect of your child's education, except for volunteering for the parents committee, which most parents try to stay very far away from.

Midlife Singlemum said...

I go to DD's Birthday Party at the gan but the ganenet is in charge of the progarm. I do have to bring a few things for the festive breakfast including the cake, of course. Not being a baker myself, last year I bought two orange flavoured Elite cakes. I cut them lengthways so that they weren't so high and laid them in a silver (disposable) baking tray. Then I covered the cake in chocolate icing (also bought), sprinkled with sprinkles and stuck in the candle holders. It was a hit.

Doc said...

Other parents do sometimes show up, if the party is in the afternoon before pick-up time. But you get a look at the cake they made, the project they organized etc. And parents talk to each other as well, that's where the competition manifests.

Sarah said...