Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Like Riding a Bike

Having finally arranged child care for Raphaela, an arrangement that I can accept because I trust the person, because it is only for four hours; and because having her out of the house makes more sense, as it allows me to concentrate on my patients.

Or at least I hope so, because putting her in someone else's hands for even 12 hours a week will be an emotional trauma that I will have to work through, as has every parent before me. If I am distracted at work thinking about her, I might as well not go back at all.

This decision means that I will miss one feeding, but for that we have the Avent hand pump.

I had secretly feared that not working for over two months would make me rusty, but today I adjusted my friend and colleague, and got a badly needed Chiropractic adjustment myself, and I knew what I was doing, I felt confident and ready when the time comes to start working on my patients again, and even getting paid for it.

I am, however, choosing to be selective about which patients I inform when I return to work, because between giving Raphaela away so to speak and picking up Chiropractically where I left off, I want the cheerful patients, the relatively easy cases in the beginning. Thankfully I have the option of creating my own work schedule, and its content. In fact, that is one of the main factors which convinced me that I could be a single parent by choice.

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