Monday, November 30, 2009

Closing the Circle

With great emotion, Michal and I (along with her partner Yael and both our babies) followed the path we had taken so many times while undergoing the fertility treatments at Hadassah Hospital. I carried Raphaela, Michal carried Daniel, and Yael carried the largest fruit basket I have ever seen. I was so hoping that my favorite nurse, Chava, would be there so I could tell her how much she actually assisted in bringing Raphaela into the world, but unfortunately we happened to choose a day to visit when all the nursing staff except one were attending a conference.

We still dropped off our various presents to the IVF/Fertility Clinic staff, and I did have a chance to see Professor Horowitz, the head of the department and the doctor who did that final insemination that worked for me. We also distributed gifts and personally thanked Rut, the coordinator of the sperm bank. Rut is a hard person to read, she comes off as totally unemotional and hard, and yet today there were cracks in the armor. She loved the photo I gave her of Raphaela, and wanted to be sure that I had written the baby's birthday on the photo. Rut also held Daniel, and complemented Michal on how handsome he had turned out. Rut ought to know, as she had engineered the unique matchmaking in this situation.

Michal and Yael are already talking about starting a second round of treatments within the year, as they want to have four children together. I am content at the moment with one healthy baby who is growing in leaps and bounds, and one cat who at the moment is sitting on the keyboard and begging for attention, now that Raphaela is sleeping.

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