Friday, November 27, 2009

Fear of Little Fingers

I have developed two recent fears, both regarding Raphaela's little fingers. The first involves cutting her nails: since her birth, I have always gotten others with more confidence to cut them, as I am petrified of removing a piece of her body along with the nail. This all started when I read in one of the many baby books on my shelf, "and when you draw blood..."

The second recent issue revolves around my long curly hair, and the fact that Raphaela always grabs a handful. This morning I noticed a particular strand wrapped around one finger, practically cutting off circulation. I went into a major New Mother panic, and was ready to take her to the emergency room.

When do these feelings go away?


SuperRaizy said...

The feelings never go away entirely, but they do lessen in intensity as you learn how to deal with challenging situations.
1)Cut your baby's nails while she's sleeping. That way her hand will be more relaxed and you will have firmer control over what you're doing and are less likely to make a mistake.
2)Keep your hair in a ponytail!

Amy Charles said...

When do they go away? Hee hee hee.

The kids do get less fragile as they go. Otherwise....just remember that most of them live. And don't wear dangly earrings or necklaces you like for at least two years!

She's a beauty. That's a lovely picture on top.

iron-hold said...

your baby is cute. how old is your baby?