Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hell, No! Please No Snow!

It may start snowing in the whole of Israel, including Jerusalem, starting Tuesday night, and continuing (depending upon which app you have on your iPhone) through Friday.  Last year we did not have water or electricity for three days, in an already typically frigid non-insulated Jerusalem apartment.

This week Raphaela is supposed to have a ballet recital, I am meant to meet with my accountant across town, and on Friday Raphaela's potential elementary school scheduled a parents' day/Open House.  Among other things in our regularly programmed week, including me making a living and Raphaela and my first born feline, Harry "The Highlander," not being stuck at home for several days.

Last night I told Raphaela that it might snow this week, and she started crying.  First, she told me she was crying because of the trauma we suffered last year. "I want to be able to flush a toilet," she wailed.  Then she told me that she was crying JUST thinking about the street cats that we feed;  what will they eat if it snows, where will they be warm if it snows, etc. 

It did not comfort her that weather men and woman can often be wrong or at the very least off base.  I assured her that we would have food, that there was plenty I could cook on a gas-powered stove top, even without electricity, God Forbid. (That is, assuming of course, we have running water.)

We can in fact live without phones, television, Wi-Fi and the computer for a few days, if we have to. (Right?)

Raphaela did smile for a moment when she remembered that one of our street cats is named " the frost!" she said.  "She will be OK in the snow."

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Batya Medad said...

I also hope they're wrong. But for us even rain will probably cancel the vacation plans from my husband's work place.