Monday, January 5, 2015

Great Revelations

For a while now, Raphaela has spoken of this group of imaginary Kindergarten superheroes, a game that she plays with two of the boys in her class called "Team Alpha."  Apparently they wield swords and guns and fight the bad guys, and they have all sorts of secret passwords and equipment.

This morning Raphaela was stomping on the floor quite forcefully, and I asked her what she was doing.  She replied that she was killing the "evil cucumber."  I responded that it seemed a little cruel, after all, how much harm could a cucumber do?

Raphaela said, very seriously, "Team Alpha is not kind to vegetables. Only to people and animals."


Normally when I shower in the morning, I set up breakfast for Raphaela to keep her busy and satisfied for that fifteen minutes or so that I need for myself.  This morning, after I got out of the shower, Raphaela ran over to me, flush with excitement.

"Mommy, you will never believe what happened!  I took some of my corn flakes and my Cheerios and put them inside my cup that had chocolate milk.  It was so delicious!  Why didn't I think of doing that before today?!"

[An Aha Moment akin to that classic television commercial, "You put you chocolate in my peanut butter!]

Raphaela continued exuberantly , "Mommy, you must taste this!  How about you and I have cereal and chocolate milk tomorrow morning for breakfast, together."

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Batya Medad said...

Adorable and generous too.