Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hakunah Matata

Today I pulled Raphaela out of Kindergarten in the middle of the day, to take her to her First Grade interview.  Raphaela had fun with it, I was a nervous wreck; unable to eat anything this morning because of the nausea, it was like the SATs  and my Chiropractic boards all over again.  (I stop eating when I am under stress.)

How did the interview and testing go? I don't know, since I was not sitting in the room with her.  The teacher who administered the meeting was all aglow afterwards, "Your daughter is lovely, it was such a pleasure," though I would hope that she is kind to all parents who go through this process. I have to have faith in my daughter that she represented herself well and honestly, and I have to trust the Universe that this will play out as it is meant to, for the best benefit of my child in the short and long run.

Raphaela seemed to quite enjoy exploring the school premises and peeking in on the classes and the music rooms and the art activities.

Or to quote my wise aunt, "When she is 20, she will be sitting in some therapist's office blaming you for everything that went wrong and right in her life anyway."

Apparently in approximately one and a half months I will hear from the school, whether or not Raphaela made the cut.  Then I have until April/May to make a final decision regarding repeating Kindergarten for "one more year of play," or moving onto the big leagues.

When I got home, I wrote a brief thank you note to the school, because politeness cannot be counted against you;  a habit learned from my grandmother, after whom Raphaela is named.

Raphaela has lately become obsessed with the Disney movie, The Lion King, and I have taken it upon myself - so I don't go insane and so I can start sleeping again - the philosophy of "Hakunah Matata."  When I start feeling anxious or start worrying about a process that for now is completely out of my hands, "Hakunah Matata!" Or to quote another Disney movie, "Let it go..."


Midlife Singlemum said...

If RR gets into this school then you have your answer about next year. You don't have to go to this particular school but if they took the trouble to interview her personally and offered her a place they obviously think she's ready for 1st grade. If she's not ready they won't accept her. (Of course if she doesn't get in it could just be because they don't have enough spaces for everyone and not that she isn't ready.)

SuperRaizy said...

I agree with the above comment. If the school feels that she's ready, then you can go ahead and enroll her in first grade with confidence. (Early childhood special ed teacher here speaking from experience.)
And your aunt's comment is spot on!