Wednesday, July 2, 2014

As I finish up packing our suitcases, I feel a sense of sadness bordering on guilt, for leaving Israel when we as a nation are still in mourning.  This is my home, I love my life here, and if it weren't for the fact that the brother I love is getting married, I would not be traveling now.

My body is behaving as if it is the morning of the SAT exams, I woke up every ten minutes throughout the night, for fear of missing the alarm clock, and my stomach is tied in knots.

Last night when I was getting Raphaela ready for bed, she burst out crying because she was going to miss her teachers and her friends from school.  In order to get her to sleep, we had to call her teacher, who reassured my daughter that she would be missed, and that she would be home soon.

I wish there was someone who could reassure me of the same.

Raphaela is bringing more shoes on this trip than I am.

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