Sunday, June 29, 2014

June Heat Wave

Jerusalem has hit record high temperatures the last few days of June, which does not reflect well for the rest of the Summer, if the trend continues.  Yesterday, Raphaela and I took our Shabbat naps on the floor, mostly unclothed, because the tiles on the floor were only slightly less boiling than the rest of the house.

When I first moved to Jerusalem 17 years ago, we could boast that in our part of the country we did not need air conditioning; that is no longer the case, and Jerusalem joins the rest of Israel in the global sweat lodge.

Yes, Virginia, climate change is real, despite the denial of Congress.

Today, after picking up Raphaela from Gan, I treated us to Italian  ice cream, and after we finished, Raphaela said, "Mommy, now you won't melt into a puddle."

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Midlife Singlemum said...

There were always the occasional sharav (or hamsin) heatwaves lasting up to a week, even 17 years ago. Last year was a much cooler summer.