Sunday, June 8, 2014

For a while now, Raphaela has stopped watching Dora and Diego; honestly, most children her age find it boring and beneath their intellectual level.  But every once in a while Raphaela will ask to see an episode, like visiting an old friend.

During a recent show where Swiper the Fox predictably tries to steal someone's important something and ruin their day, Raphaela turned to me and said solemnly, "Mommy, Swiper is MEAN." (As if she was realizing it for the first time....)

Lesson learned, now can we move onto another program?


One of Raphaela's baby sitters is a sweet 20 year old  in "Sherut Leumi," the two-year  army volunteer program that many religious women choose in Israel rather than the normal army service.  I was explaining to Raphaela that her sitter was "like a soldier in the Israeli army," in that she had committed to national service and to helping others in the country, "even if she does not carry a gun."

Raphaela -having learned in Gan about various famous and successful army operations - became indignant and asked, "But if I grow up and want to join the real army and carry a gun, am I allowed? I want my own rifle!"

After answering in the affirmative, I reminded her that she has until 18, and that the discussion of options can remain open.

Ironic and sad,  that in America the NRA is trying to temper the public reaction to open weapons, and my little Kindergarten girl already knows more than most about war and guns.

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