Friday, March 14, 2014

Will we be the Ten Percent?

It is a well known fact that about 10% of all nursery children in Israel freak out the day of the massive country-wide Gan Purim party.

Last year in Gan, there was so much advance buildup to the holiday of Purim, that when the actual day of the Purim party in Gan arrived, it traumatized Raphaela and me, and she would not even consider wearing her costume during the entire vacation weekend.  My daughter was the ten percent.

This year, I decided to remove any expectation of fun or cooperation; hope for the best but expect the worst.  I took the costumes out of the closet one week ago and put them in a basket, so that Raphaela could (or could not) play with them at will.  Every time she asked me about the holiday or the party, I said, "Soon..." and avoided details or any sign of excitement.  I only marginally got her involved in preparations and shopping for Mishloach Manot, hiding away the supplies until the day that we would put the gift packages together for some of her friends.

All this psychological pressure, added to the fact that the news has predicted rain all week, after a terribly dry Israeli Winter.  My daughter does not normally react well to inclement weather, and I know that she would not want to get her treasured costume wet.

And Lo, on the day that was Friday of the Gan Purim Party, the rain was not that awful, Raphaela joyfully wore her costume and celebrated the day with friends, dancing and handing out Mishloach Manot.  She did even sleep in her Fairy Princess outfit, sans wings.

The difference a year makes, it put us squarely back in the non-traumatized 90%.

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