Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At the Wee Hours of the Morning

Inevitably, Raphaela ends up in my bed at some point during the night and except for minor crowding issues, we sleep.  Last night she slowly pushed me more and more to the edge of the bed, until I practically fell off around 4:30 am.

I switched positions, sleeping horizontally, a bit awkward but mostly effective;  until I found myself again half way onto the floor.

I went to the other side of the bed - the "Raphaela side" - placed my head on a pillow and tried to fall back asleep for another hour, before the official wake-up call.  In her sleep, Raphaela pulled the pillow away from me and mumbled loudly, "That's my side of the bed."

Taking one of the spare blankets, I moved myself to Raphaela's actual bedroom and settled into her bed, which at that moment was unoccupied.  Next thing I know, a child with curly hair and searching eyes is standing over me, poking me.

"You have my whole bed to yourself now, it's big and comfortable!" I said, "What's the problem now?"

"You're not there with me," replied Raphaela.

All this before five am.

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