Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Forward

This morning Raphaela started poking me when the clock read five am.  Fine, I mumbled, give me another half hour.  At 5:30 I pulled myself out from under the covers, so pleased that I was getting an early start to the day.

I fed the fish, did some dishes and opened the front door, to find the International New York Times  waiting for me.  "Good," I thought to myself, "they are finally providing a decent service, now I don't have to call them and remind them to deliver the paper some time before the end of the day."

Raphaela and I put on our shoes to take Harry outside and to feed his street cat friends.  There were more cats than I had expected and there was more traffic on the road than usual for that time in the early morning.

When we came home again, I looked at the clock and thought, "So much time to kill this morning." And so, puttering around in my pajamas, I took out my iPad to check my email and play an online game with my friend from the United States.  The clock on the iPad read seven am and I grumbled, "Damn technology, doesn't the apple programming know that what time it is?  This is why I don't trust this modern stuff."

I stood in the kitchen and packed Raphaela's lunch, humming and giving my brain time to put together the pieces of the most obvious puzzle.

Give it a minute....then the penny dropped.

"SHIT! They changed the clocks last night!! At this rate Raphaela will get to Gan at nine in the morning, just about the time that patients start arriving!!!"

Raphaela asked why I had a panic-stricken look on my face, and I told her that I hate running late and arriving late.  I took the quickest shower on record, dressed Raphaela in whatever she wanted and we ran like demons to Gan.

Where we were only the third child to arrive, because apparently this scenario played itself out in almost every home in Jerusalem this morning.

Then I got myself the most amazing and most necessary cup of coffee from the bakery.

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Midlife Singlemum said...

I eventually got Adiele out of bed at 8am (her body told her it was oly 7 and she's used to getting up at about 7.15). My student cancelled on me and I couldn't be bothered to fight with her. So I rang the gan and she spent the morning playing while I worked on the computer. It was very nice actually. I could be favour of no school on Fridays.