Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snow Man RIP

Raphaela has brought home a lovely new phrase from Gan, "I am so hungry, if you don't give me food soon, I will die!" (And other similarly themed statements.)

Funny thing is, she has no real concept of Death.  We saw a dead cat on the road, run over by a car and squashed flat, and Raphaela said, "Mommy, that cat is broken.  You are a doctor, you can fix it."

Our recent snow experience seems to have brought home the concept, at least slightly.  Someone had built a snow man at the intersection above our street;  the snow man standing there as if he was waiting for the light to turn green.  When we first saw him he was tall and proud, and as the days have gotten warmer, he has melted into nothing but a small blob of dirty ice on the sidewalk.

This morning, Raphaela noticed this change and said, "Mommy, our snow man is getting smaller and smaller." I explained to her the concept of melting, and then added that soon the snow man will disappear, be no more than a memory from the storm.  After a moment of silence for his decline in health, we continued walking to Gan.

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