Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gilligan's Island, Day Seven

With Gan back in the routine, and the water and electricity staying stable so far (pthoo pthoo pthoo), and with no scheduled patients, I took the day to catch up on our home life.  Truth be told, I was supposed to attend a Chiropractic conference in Tel Aviv today, but the car is still a little stuck in ice, and the Jerusalem roads are far from safe.

I went to the bank and supermarket, so now we have actual healthy food to cook and eat.  I bought more litter sand from the pet store, because Harry has been inside with us for the last week;  he suffers from depression when he gets stuck in the house for too long.  Several desperate loads of laundry will need  to be folded at some point today.

While getting dressed this morning, I found a set of silk undershirts, perfect for this weather, some of them still in their original packaging.  I smiled, remembering that these had arrived at my grandparent's house for my grandmother, during her shiva.  One of my aunts told me that I should take them back to Israel, that they will keep me warm someday, "She doesn't need silk undershirts anymore," they said.

All these years later, and my grandmother is still taking care of me.

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