Friday, December 27, 2013

Dr Jeckyll and Little Miss Hyde

Even as a baby, Raphaela always seemed to know that Friday was somehow different;  different schedule and special events on Shabbat, and she would behave (badly) accordingly.

Today after I picked her up from Gan, Raphaela was in a stellar mood, and in fact one of the most lovely children I have ever seen. She saved me a cookie from her Gan Shabbat party, and also got me a sticker, saying, "I love you so much Mommy and I love to give you Shabbat presents."

I wanted to pick her up in my arms and hug her as tight as I could, and thank the stars that I had the most generous and sweet little girl.

Then we walked to Palmach to do errands and her entire demeanor changed.  She became uncooperative to the point of throwing a tantrum, throwing her back pack on the side walk and making a general spectacle of herself.

Gritting my teeth and painting on a smile that said, "Sure, judge me for being a lousy mother. Just wait until you have a four year old, " we walked home; or rather I dragged her home as she cried for no apparent reason.

When I asked Raphaela why she was crying, she answered me all Exorcist style, in a perfectly clear and scarily rational voice, "Raphaela's not here right now, she has disappeared inside Baby Unicorn [her normally well-behaved alter ego].  Baby Unicorn  who wants to cry very loudly for no reason."

She then resumed crying and as we got close to the house, her perfectly rational/terrifying possessed voice said, "Baby Unicorn is very tired and will take a nap when we get home."

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