Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow Day

Israelis, for all their collective bravado, see the slightest sign of rain and turn into 1950's wives who have just seen a mouse:  "EEK, rain!  Pull out the heaters, stock up the fridge, batten down the hatches, drive like morons!"

With talk of snow on the news, Raphaela came home last night from Gan and informed me that if it snowed overnight, there would be no school tomorrow.  When we woke up around six am, the ground was wet from rain, with no flake in sight, and so I sadly informed her that she would be going to Gan today.

At seven am the snow began, though the news reported that school would go on as scheduled.  As the flurries became more intense and started sticking on cars and on the ground, I suspected that we would have a Jerusalem Snow Day - no Gan, no work - and the eight o'clock news confirmed it.  Raphaela immediately ordered me to call her best friend and arrange a play date, and told me a story (in advance) of the fun they will have and the snow adventures they will share.

Of course no one wants to go outside in this weather, and after several attempts with friends, Raphaela expressed anger, "Why doesn't anyone want to come to our house?  Why doesn't anyone want to play with me?"
I explained that she should not take the snow personally:
Mommy:  Do you remember yesterday when your hand were so cold when we walked to Gan?
Raphaela:  Yes.

Mommy:  Do you remember how sad you were in the cold?
Raphaela:  Yes.
Mommy:  Do you want your friends to be sad and cold like that, just to come to your house?
Raphaela: (pause) Yes!
That attempt at empathy backfired, and now both my daughter and my cat Harry can sulk because they are stuck in the house.

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