Monday, October 29, 2012

The Serious Choices

After months of trying to coordinate with my lawyer, I finally sat down with him today for a marathon meeting to finalize my (brace for it, arghhh) Last Will and Testament, before we fly out to the States in two weeks.  You would think that as a Doctor, I would not feel quite so depressed and squeamish on the topic, but it is a far different thing when making choices for you and the ones you love, the child who depends on you.

Of course, I should be blessed with a nice long and uneventful life, though it never hurts to be prepared.

We discussed the issues large and small, including guardianship and financial planning; why I haven't yet bought my own place; what happens if I cannot make medical decisions for myself; the philosophical implications of the connection between the body and the soul; and who gets the cat.  He humored me when I discussed my wish to donate organs:  "I don't mind giving up body parts I no longer need, but I don't want any experimentation done on my brain."  (Said the Luddite and the science fiction reader in me.) By the end, I was physically nauseous with a headache, shivering and had trouble concentrating, because I did not want to have to imagine worse-case scenarios.

All this I do for my own peace of mind, and for my daughter's future.  Now I think I will pick Raphaela up from Gan, take her to Gymboree and enjoy living in The Now.