Friday, October 12, 2012

Countdown to Birthday Party II

Assuming Raphaela stays healthy, I have scheduled her Gan birthday party for next week.  In response, her teacher gave me a list of supplies, which reads as follows:

"To Raphaela's Mother, Please bring the following for the birthday party:

1.  34 Loot bags, to be given out at the end of the school day
2.  Four to five photos of Raphaela, to be displayed on the Birthday Board
3.  One package of small paper plates
4.  Healthy snacks for 34 children, to be given out right after the party
5.  One package of balloons (optional)
6.  Candles for birthday cake
7.  One small birthday cake (Kosher)

The party will take place this coming Wednesday, G-d Willing, Amen!"

The Gan will provide the all-coveted Birthday Crown, Birthday Booklet and the entertainment.

Perhaps my math brain is sleeping, but one small cake for 34 children?  I think I shall ignore that instruction and bring a larger cake, enough to feed all the class and even some of the teachers.  After all, this is the first party of the Gan year, I want everyone to come away happy.  As one of the older children in the Gan, Raphaela can set the trend.


Amy Charles said...

You may want to talk to the teachers about that first. Teachers here have an extremely difficult time getting parents to stick to the "healthy treats only" rule, because each parent thinks it's fine if it's once. Only it's not once, it's 30+ times over the course of a year. If a parent is trying to control the junk/sugar intake, or a child has food sensitivities and can't participate, it's a chronic hammering.

My guess is that the small cake is supposed to be symbolic and maybe everyone gets a little bite, or something, but the main food is supposed to be the healthy treat, not cake. I would ask before ignoring the directions. And happy Gan birthday Raphaela!

Commenter Abbi said...

Nope, Amy, we are not nearly as health conscious/crazy here as in America. The cake should be large enough for each kid to get a small piece. I usually baked a large tin foil pan (I guess the largest they sell).

I don't know why she asked for a small cake, unless she was looking for a riot.

Doc said...

I suspect they are attempting to prevent the over-the-top mad competition associated with Israeli birthday celebrations. And yet, I do intend to feed 34 hungry toddlers.

Commenter Abbi said...

Good choice, Doc. Simple cake with a glaze or simple frosting and some sprinkles does the trick.