Monday, September 3, 2012

Real People

This week, for the first time at the bakery, Raphaela put in her own order, start to finish:  "Passion fruit shake please and a chocolate chip cookie, dark not white.  Thank you."

Yesterday at the zoo, we checked out the new crocodile exhibit ("Will they eat us?") and becaues it was not so crowded, the staff allowed Raphaela to help them feed the animals at the petting zoo.  Then we sat down for a small picnic snack, and I had an actual conversation with Raphaela:

Mommy:  Tell me about your day at Gan.
Raphaela:  I played with Shira and Chana, and I woke up after my nap.
Raphaela:  Did you work today?
Mommy:  Yes, I did.
Raphaela:  A little or a lot?
Mommy:  I helped six patients today.
Raphaela:  Good for you, Mommy!

I realized that my daughter will turn three years old within the month, and it seems to me that over the summer she became not just a big girl, but so much more of a real person. 


Midlife Singlemum said...

It's fun isn't it? :)

Doc said...


SuperRaizy said...

I love how she asked you about your day, too. So sweet!