Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Wolf

The first day that Raphaela walked into her new Gan for this year, she noticed a pile of stuffed animals, and most notably, a baby wolf.  Given her fascination with the children's opera Peter and the Wolf, she immediately rejoiced because they had apparently started her new Gan with her.

For the past two weeks, she has been saying good-bye and "See you tomorrow" to this doll, and this morning, one of the first things Raphaela did upon arrival was seek out Baby Wolf.  Her teachers told me that they no longer put this toy with the rest for the group, they set it aside at the end of every day for my daughter, that they consider it her personal item for the rest of the school year.

I appreciate their consideration, and Raphaela's persistence.

Meanwhile, all of us here in Israel are mobbing the supermarkets and the bakeries and shopping malls, and as we pass each other on the street we sing out "Happy Holidays!" and "Have a good and sweet New Year!"  It feels like Christmas has arrived early in Jerusalem.

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