Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holiday Post Script

My most intropsective moment during the last five days took place not in the synagogue, or at the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens throwing away my sin, but while reading a book to Raphaela.

As planned bribery, I had bought several items to be interspersed throughout the very long weekend, one of which was a children's book - apparently a New York Times best seller in English - that had recently been translated into Hebrew, called "Pete the Cat: I love my White Shoes."  (Eric Litwin)  When I had seen the book in the store, I thought, "Cats...teaches colors...what could be bad?"

In actual fact, above and beyond its feline or educational value, the moral of this story is this, that no matter what s**t you step in, continue moving forward and "singing your song, because Life is beautiful."  This expression of hope and optimism represents Rosh HaShanah, the idea that you look back on your decisions for the last year and renew your commitment to pay more attention for the upcoming year, with the hope that G-d, The Universe and Everything will cooperate and show you positive results accordingly.

Believe me, this holiday was not easy for me, as I was on call for five days straight, without the assistance of Gan and with minimal distraction from Jewish ritual, playdates and meals with friends;  if you are a parent with small children I am quite sure you understand.  Hang in there, school starts again tomorrow! (Until the next set of holidays breaks into our regular routine...)

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Doc said...

Note to parents: the book does NOT contain any swearing.