Thursday, August 4, 2011

Much Needed Laughter

With Raphaela's surgery, and this current legal affair, I find that I have very little resources to deal 100% with work, or with Raphaela.  Sometimes I give into her demands, only because it is easier and I don't have the strength to do otherwise;  I know that this trend cannot continue without affecting Raphaela and her mother negatively in the long term.

Today in the mail I received my latest Amazon package, which contained the best seller, "Go the F**k to Sleep."  Brilliant!  First time I laughed in days, and I recommend this book to every parent.  BTW, this is by no means children's night time reading naterial, but the pictures are actually beautiful, and the entertainment value, priceless.

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Anonymous said...

It's normal to be overwhelmed by circumstances and to give in to a child when you know you shouldn't. It's part of being a parent. You don't have to be the "perfect" mother.