Monday, August 22, 2011

Aversion Therapy

Back when they started the illegal construction beneath me, almost two years ago, Raphaela was a baby and became traumatized by the drilling and vibration and noise.  I thought she had gotten over it until this morning, when the city was trimming the trees on the path near our house, and Raphaela literally flung herself into my arms, crying and shaking.

I thought it would be wise to show her the buzz saw, and stand there and watch them trim a few bushes, so she could see that she was safe, and put the fear into perspective.  Raphaela was able to stand there after a while without panic, and we went home.

Of course later she again became hysterical, and I had to calm her by explaining that the sound and the tool were not dangerous, and that I would always protect her.  I think I need to add treatments for my daughter's PTSD to the law suit against the landlord.

Our baby sitter also did a fantastic job of distracting Raphaela and taking her to the park during the height of the noise.  The sitter, a 17 year old from a large family, has truly impressed me this last week with her confidence and maturity.  She has also made me laugh:  we were all listening to a Sesame Street CD yesterday and the sitter said, "I grew up with Sesame Street!"  To which I replied, "Honey, I grew up with Sesame Street before there was Elmo.  The program started when I was one year old."

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