Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Horoscope Was Right

The horoscope in the weekend paper said that I would have a screw up (:-() ) that would allow me to make my life more efficient and find better solutions (:-) ).  That was the last thing I wanted to hear, given that I knew that my mother would have returned to Boston and I was going to try to return to work.  I do, after all, have to make money, having just had a two week 'vacation.'

This morning, when I took Raphaela to Gan, she was very sleepy, but when I dropped her off I told her teachers that a nap should take care of the problem.  Two hours later they called me, saying that Raphaela had a fever and needed to go home.

In between all this, the Arab workmen from downstairs who damaged my porch came to do the repairs, and I had to leave them in the house while I brought Raphaela back to the apartment.

I canceled any plans for working or taking care of myself for the afternoon and picked her up, and once we got home she seemed to recover fairly quickly.  Still, having registered a fever today, they may not want her back tomorrow, and so I am scurrying around to find a sitter for tomorrow, as I have a full patient load scheduled.

Luckily my body feels a bit stronger today, though after the chaos, I anticipate that I will collapse as the evening nears.

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