Monday, May 23, 2011

Career Consternations

My emergency appendectomy made me rethink every aspect of my life.
I realized that the most important priority in my life will always be my daughter but also my extended family.

I also acknowledged that lately I have not been enjoying my work as a Chiropractor, and that this experience gives me the opportunity to switch things up and create a new path.  If I do not take advantage of this unique moment in time, I have not learned the lesson of this surgery.

I am considering two possible directions: the first must certainly involve the creative side of me, which has laid dormant for too long now.  Photography, getting my book published, expressing myself fully and joyously.  I guess I have to find myself an agent as a first step.

The second route involves becoming an official advocate for SMBC and their concerns here in Israel.  The Universe keep reminding me that I can make a difference;  for example, today at Gymboree I started a conversation with another mother, and Israeli woman with an adorable four month old boy.  As the encounter progressed, she revealed to me that she is a JSMBC living with her mother and reaching out to find a community that is supportive of her choices.  She told me that several other women at her workplace (the supermarket) inspired her to become a mother, and that she is at least grateful that her son will not be the only child in his class who started from an unorthodox conception.

I gave her my card and told her that she should feel free to call me if she ever feels frustrated, and she gave me some pointers as well regarding the rights of single parents in Israel.  A random meeting yes, but one that happens to me often enough that it has become a pattern in my life.  We women who have made the brave (or stupid?) choice should have a clear and obvious resource, and I would like to make that happen.

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