Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Delayed PTSD Reaction

Two days ago, Raphaela had a fever at Gan, which magically disappeared ten minutes after I took her home.  Yesterday, she stayed home from Gan as per standard protocol, but was clearly not a sick child, only a little girl having a delayed physical and emotional reaction to the events of my surgery two weeks ago.

Sure, you can speculate that her sudden fever was brought on by being overheated and overdressed (my fault), or you could say that there are always viruses floating around the Gan.  But I believe, as does our family doctor, that Raphaela waited two weeks, she waited until after my mother returned to Boston, to express her anger and fear.  On the surface, she seemed to deal well with the unusual situation of sleeping over at the nursery teacher's house, or having my mother do all the services for Raphaela that Mommy usualy does;  who could blame her for wondering why Mommy was in the hospital for three days, or why the house became very different afterwards?

Harry does not like change, and neither do children.  So Raphaela stayed home with Mommy for a few days, asked to sleep with me at night, and this morning she still resisted going back to Gan, her "no" has become quite forceful.  But I strapped her in the stroller and we walked to nursery together, and when I left her there she seemed settled.  All quiet on the Western front for now, Thank G-d.

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