Sunday, August 29, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Gan

Picture the scene last Friday: mothers and fathers with babies, all around the same age as Raphaela. Balloons and a large picnic mat, with a kiddie pool on the side in the shade. Two full tables of summer food, and a chocolate birthday cake for Daniel. A nice way to close the first Summer of Raphaela's life.

Around 12:30 in the afternoon, all these babies with all their individual personalities and needs started kvetching and crying, as they all seem to be on the same nap schedule. You would almost think that these children conspired to have the simultaneous outburst and bring the birthday party to a close.

This week the chaos starts as far as child care. Since Raphaela's official nursery will only take her in October, when she turns one year old by both the Hebrew and English calendar, I now have to coordinate between three women. Elana, her care taker from last year, has graciously agreed to pick up most of the non-Jewish holiday hours during September. Hopefully Shira, her babysitter during July and August, and Michal, the newest 'staff member' will take care of the rest of the times I need.

I must work as often as the holidays allow, as at least half the month doesn't count, and my bank account doesn't care either way, as long as it stays full.

October remains slightly unbalanced, as Raphaela will initially have a staggered schedule, as she adapts to a new place, new toys, new kids and new care takers. I will still require my staff of sitters until Raphaela attends nursery full-time, as planned, without tears or separation anxiety.

In between all this, does anyone have a reliable house cleaner they can recommend? Not like my house qualifies as a disaster area, but I can't seem to hold onto anyone decent.

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