Thursday, August 26, 2010

Party Planning

Tomorrow Raphaela and I will be attending the birthday party of her friend Daniel, who is exactly one month older and turning one. Inspired, I sat down and started a guest list for a party for Raphaela, though my parents need to forward me their travel itinerary, so I can time the event for their visit to Israel.

Amazingly, with inviting "essential personnel" only - Raphaela's friends and my family - I arrived at a list of over 40 people, half of that children. It seems that at the age of 11 months, Raphaela has more friends than her mother. Growing up, I was an introvert and hardly a member of the popular kids, and so I wish for my daughter that she always feel like the Belle of the Ball.

Raphaela also showcased a new skill today; when I sing the Hebrew version of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" (Yadayim Lemaala), she lifts her arms into the air and waves them around, with a big smile on her face. She can now recognize more and more words, and identifies her toys and household objects correctly. Funny how something so small could give me so much joy.

I can't wait for her to say "Mommy" for the first time.

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