Monday, August 16, 2010

The Smallest Things

As adults, we have a skill set and we have long since forgotten that we had to learn and practice the most basic aspects of life that we take for granted.

Yesterday, while in the kiddie pool, I asked Raphaela to pick out her rubber duck from the 20 or so scattered objects. I watched her as she scanned each toy in the water, and then she picked up the duck and handed it to me. I felt proud and amazed.

When we go to the park, Raphaela will throw herself down the slide, no fear at all. I put my hand in front of her stomach just to slow her down and prevent her from falling at the base of the slide, and Raphaela almost seems to resent my interference. Not even eleven months old and she is asserting her independence.

Recently she has also started standing while barely holding onto furniture, the precursor to walking. I observe her physical strength and stability, and can hardly believe that last year at this time she was still growing inside my stomach.

I personally think it is a blessing that we don't remember events like teething and toilet training; if we remembered all the agonizing moments, we may not ever evolve into healthy confident adults.

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FXOpenIndia said...

keep it up...u r blessed