Sunday, June 20, 2010

What Didn't Happen Today?

It's almost eight o' clock at night, I have a list of three or four 'important' things left to do before I can go to sleep, and I maintain that if I had a 50 hour day today, it would still not be enough.

1. The spectre of destruction and construction has reared its head, and they are planning on starting with the heavy drilling some time this week, they won't tell me when. I kept leaving messages for the contractor, to get some useful and vital information as regards their schedule, as I must temporarily relocate my office and possibly find another place for us to sleep during the initial period. The contractor finally returned my calls today, and in a most rude and threatening way made it very clear that he does not care how this will affect me or my daughter, and that as far as he is concerned, I can "move out or be homeless."

So now it looks like I will get a very last minute warning before the trucks and cranes arrive, and will have to be quite organized so as not to forget any supplies when I move my office.

2. I will be visiting two kindergartens (Gan) near my house, one tomorrow morning and one in the afternoon, and will have to decide where Raphaela will spend her day once the Fall starts. They are asking for 1000 NIS deposits to secure a spot, and so just for kicks today, I called my bank and asked them how much was sitting in my open account. I expected to hear several thousand shequel, and was told that I had 555 NIS in my account, and furthermore, that I had missed the day that I could transfer money from my savings. (For the record, I called them last Thursday to do just that, and the bank was on strike.) I am fairly certain that the reason for this shockingly low amount is my Visa bill, which should arrive any day now, but it doesn't make me feel any better.

Now I can not only worry how the care taker will react when I tell her that Raphaela will not be returning next year, but I can come up with very creative ways of providing the gan I like with their down payment.

3. I took Harry to the vet this morning, Savta Shira watched Raphaela at the house. I came out to my car afterwards and found a parking ticket on my wind shield. I am going to appeal it, as there is no clear signage that indicates that part of the street as a no-parking zone.

4. I was so looking forward to my cleaning person coming today, Raphaela was wiping up Jerusalem dust every time she crawled on the floor. I got a message this morning from her that she was ill, and so I cleaned my house. I did a good job, but that was two hours or so that could have gone to something else on the list.

5. In the past two weeks, I have not had the time to get to the supermarket and today I had to, as Raphaela has run out of diapers, formula and rice cereal at the care taker. In between the house cleaning (everything except for the floors) and the phone calls, I went shopping, and even had some time for us to play at the Gymboree set up in the mall.

6. Raphaela, thank G-d is growing by leaps and bounds, and has started standing in her crib. Worried that she may fall out or jump out, I had a handy man come to the house this afternoon and lower her crib and fix some small repairs that have been waiting since April.

My "Just Do It" list (as I call it) still has seven time consuming items remaining, but tonight I must look over a contract, repair my chiropractic table and do a color laundry. Doesn't look like I am going to get dinner tonight, or get to relax in front of the television even for a little bit.

Funny, in speaking to my mother today, she said that if/when I have another child I must hire an Au pair. I feel like I could use one right now.

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