Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Minor Child Care Chaos

For the first time since Raphaela is born, I am about to understand what happens when the child care, upon which you rely, goes a little haywire, single parent style.

My care taker called last night to tell me that she was feeling ill and feverish, and did not think it wise to bring Raphaela to her today. The substitute option is only available for half the day.

Ironically, I was planning today on going to my first professional seminar since before I gave birth, and had originally arranged to have Raphaela stay in child care longer than usual. I spoke to the organizers of the seminar, and they encouraged me to come, with baby in tow, and as I have no other real choice, it looks like Raphaela will start to learn the tricks of the medical trade much earlier than planned.

She is a contented child, and I will pack a bunch of toys and several bottles of expressed milk, and I am hoping that it will be alright. The Greater Universe has done its job as well, as all of the patients I had scheduled for the afternoon canceled, except for one woman. I am fairly certain that Raphaela will be able to play quietly, or nap, for the time that I need to do my Chiropractic work.

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