Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

Though traditionally not celebrated, today I celebrate not only Raphaela's technical three-month birth day, but also literally the day to the year that she was conceived at Hadassah. I am lucky in the sense of knowing exactly when I became pregnant, and can say with assurance that Raphaela has existed (in some cellular and energetic form) for exactly one year now.

Without getting into the religious, political and emotionally charged definition of "life," I must admit that I have a firm belief in the concept of the soul as separate from the physical body it inhabits in each life time. I would like to think that my daughter's soul chose me as her mother in this incarnation, long before I became physically pregnant with the vessel that would house her.

I appreciate every day with her, and the joy that Raphaela has brought into my life. Thank you for joining me this journey, more to come...


Doc said...

As a side note, it just shows that no matter how sophisticated doctors think they are, and no matter how much they think they know in terms of fertility treatments, they were totally off on the due date. Raphaela was born almost exactly nine months to the hour of conception.

koshergourmetmart said...

Let's be positive and thankful for raphaela and the drs who helped you conceive. Women are at full term at 38 weeks if you count from the day of conception. You can pinpoint the date due to the IUI date (although you did IUI the sperm did not fertilize the egg right away on that day-it could have been a day later). Generally doctors say it is 40 weeks from last menstrual date-it is a general term all doctors use-it is too confusing to remember everyone's details - patient 1 did iui so let's subtract 2 weeks and patient b did ivf so let's subtract 15 days here. As a side note, when I did IUI, I had a negative pregnancy test 10 days later (when it should have been positive), and a positive one a week after that. Also, a due date is not a perfect science, you could have ended up being late by 2 weeks.

MBT said...

it is good
i like it