Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can't Turn My Back on Her Now...

We can roll over! Right on schedule, and in fact, at the seminar this morning, Raphaela rolled from her stomach to her back. All by herself and two times in a row. I couldn't have been more proud, and almost cried out of the joy of being able to witness the event. (The Big Event of the day)

As well, when it was my turn to practice baby CPR in front of the group, I turned the infant doll over and automatically instinctively brought it to my breast. Everyone laughed, and the Magen Dovid Adom [the Israeli Red Cross] instructor assured me that I am not the first and will certainly not be the last nursing mother to do so. (The Funny Event of the day)

Raphaela started flirting with another baby, a boy the same age as Raphaela named Zohar, who had also been brought to the seminar by his parents. All agreed that they made a cute couple. (The Romantic Event of the day)

Unfortunately, there were several people at the seminar with hacking coughs and runny noses, and I launched into Paranoid Parent mode, trying not to expose Raphaela to needless germs. My mother, and the Chiropractor in me, knows that this represents an important aspect of her development, in terms of the immunity system; but honestly, the reason I put my child in day care with a limited number of humans was to spare her the Israeli "Pass Along the Cold" Experience. (The First Time Parent Event of the day)

The afternoon, however, was less successful. Because the care taker was ill, Raphaela and I (and Harry) had to negotiate each minute reserved for patients. The first client worked out, but already the second person took twice as long, because Raphaela was hungry and overtired and refused to be put down and absolutely refused a nap. Then Harry started jumping onto the Chiropractic table and demanded attention as well; not my most shining hour as a professional. (The Chaotic Event of the day)

I now must wait to hear if I will have child care tomorrow, or if I must cancel my work day.

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