Monday, October 26, 2009

Sibling Rivalry

FAQ: How is the cat handling the addition of the new baby into the house?

Answer: He is actually quite jealous, and quite curious at the same time. Harry will allow Raphaela to lay down next to him, and he will purposely put himself near the baby, even when she is moving around and crying. I have no fears that he will harm her.

Instead, he is showing all the classic symptoms of an older brother who cannot understand why this little crying and smelly thing is not leaving the house. Harry will ask me to let him outside or to feed him, just as I have sat down and pulled out my breast to nurse Raphaela.

I set up the Brain Gym from Tiny Love, which Raphaela enjoys at her level, spending lots of time looking up at the parrot, and at her reflection in the mirror. Harry, in an effort to impress me, show me how he can actively start up the chimes and how he can grab at the monkey hanging from above.

In my amateur psychological opinion, Harry has resorted to kitten-like behaviour as a response to changes in the house, but just as older brothers and sisters survive, my "first born" feline will find his place in our new, redefined family, and will even hopefully become friends with Raphaela.

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