Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Book Club

Last book read (not finished) before giving birth: Hitchhikers Guide Series (Douglas Adams)

Pile of books waiting to be studied and said theories utilized: What to Expect, The Sears Baby Book, The Baby Whisperer, Well Adjusted Babies (the Chiropractic version), Mother and Baby, Your Baby and Child (Penelope Leach), Mister Rogers' Guide to Parenting, Family First (Dr. Phil)

The point of most of these books is to make you feel like an incompetent parent.

Pleasure book, very large and at the bottom of the pile: The Gathering Storm (the most recent book from Robert Jordan)

Probability of most of these books getting read is low, given that Raphaela actively fights sleeping during the day because she is afraid of missing something exciting, and given that at night I am going to take every opportunity to close my eyes in between feedings.


Abandoning Eden said...

hey i just got the gathering storm in the mail yesterday!! :) I also have a big pile of books to read first (new margaret atwood book, new chuch palahniuk book, a couple of sociology books and a kurt vonnegut book are all in my pile, but I may have to prioritize a gathering storm a bit).

can't wait to see the end said...

she's so heavenly, getting cuter every day! yum!

Commenter Abbi said...

Well, I was an English major and used to read a few books a week. I don't think I've read a whole book since my oldest was born 6.5 years ago.

I do read the New Yorker cover to cover every week.

The only parenting book worth a fig is The Baby Whisperer. Her system of sleep/eat/play/repeat is really great and gets babies into a good rhythm.

The Sears book is a good reference for when your daughter is sick and you're trying to figure out what's going on. Ignore his parenting advice.