Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Our Own, for the First Time Really

For two days after the birth, Raphaela and I were in the hospital. For three days, we experienced the Baby Hotel. The day I came home was the same day my parents arrived from the States.

For the last two weeks, my mother and father and I have been living under the same roof. Tension could be expected, of course, but it was nice to have them here and to have the extra sets of hands, and of course, the free instantaneous baby sitting.

The Nesher taxi came this morning, and as of today, Raphaela and I are on our own, together, for the first time. I am not yet freaking out, as there is little she needs at this age and I continue to enjoy her company. Bath time ought to be fun, and then - since there is no particular outside appointment on the agenda for today - I will invent a reason to get her in the stroller and take a walk, since it helps her sleep at night.

Tomorrow we have a well-baby check up with her pediatrician.

Hard to believe that three weeks ago, I was pregnant and single, when I can no longer remember what my life was like BR (Before Raphaela), and what gave me meaning when I didn't have her energy around me.

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koshergourmetmart said...

see-it worked out with your parents-they arrived when you came home when you needed their help the most.