Monday, October 12, 2015

Who's on First...Grade

As we were getting ready for school this morning, while I was putting on make up and getting dressed, and Raphaela was packing her back pack.  So, I wasn't really paying attention, as we were in separate rooms in the house, and I wanted to stay on schedule.

Then came a call from far away, which made my Mommy Spidey Senses tingle:

"Mommy, I forgot because I wasn't really paying attention in class yesterday and no one wrote it down for us, but we need two new notebooks.  I think one for art and one for, um, something else."

"You mean besides the notebooks and the art pad that we already bought at the beginning of the year?"

"I don't really remember what they look like."

"Well how can I buy them for you if you don't remember and cannot give me any reasonable explanation of what you need?"

"The teacher said, that those who have it 'Good job' and those who don't, have to get it."

"Are you one of the children who has it?  And again, what is 'it'?"

"I don't think so.  It's two notebooks, you know, notebooks!"

"Raphaela, did you know that there are 20 different types of notebooks, all shapes and sizes, in the store? If you actually need something, you and your teacher are going to have to be more specific.  I can't work this way."

"The kids who didn't have them yesterday, need to bring them in today."

"Bring it WHAT?"

"I don't know."

(I think, in addition to losing my voice, I gained a few gray hairs this morning.)

One hour later, after clarification with other parents on whatsapp, I finally understood that I needed to send in two new workbooks, that were in fact sitting at home. After hastily applying plastic covers and name tags, I drove them over to her school before my work day began.

Furthermore, in my asking about this confusion on the whatsapp group, I seem to have sparked a revolution of sorts, with various other parents replying that the system needs to be revised, as their girls forgot as well.  At least I wasn't the only one, it makes me feel,better about my parenting skills.

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